Design Options

Each Fairy Tail Horse design can be created in a variety of styles. 
Multicolored, varying thicknesses, styles of braiding and pendant options.

The pictures below identify  various colors and also  pendant
options and uses. If you have a special pendant in mind 
we can source that out for you. Some of the pendants can
be purchased and may be one of a kind.

Prices will depend on necklace and pendants chosen.
A standard necklace starts at $99.00.
All  end caps and closures are Sterling Silver.
Please review  the "Collecting Tail Hair" page for instructions
on how to collect the hair.

With our company, because each piece is one of a kind,
there is much more flexibility with your order.  And, on a side note,
if you are uncomfortable cutting your horses tail hair, we have
hair in stock from local sources, color options will vary.  

 The top black and white necklace is  a "Twisted" design  and the remaining three are "Standard Weaves" with various thicknesses.


The only pendant offered on this page is the middle picture (horse head in belt circle). Pricing of each piece will vary depending on the price of silver.

 The other two pictures are ideas of a Bail (top picture) with
the ability to use your pendants and the bottom picture is an idea of using a "slide" pendant.  Website will be continuously updated with new pendants offerred, or I can source one out for you!

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