- Comb tail out thoroughly. 

-Collect hair inside of tail where there is less sun damage
and near the end of the tail bone.

-Tape off, near tail bone, about a dime size in diameter.
When you take your scissors, hold them vertically, running parallel
with the tail bone and cut hair between tape and tail bone,
being careful not to cut the skin. By making the cut vertically,
there will be no visible signs of the cut and you will never notice
when the hair grows out !  

-If the tail is really dirty, wash in sink with a mild shampoo.
Please do not put any show sheen, or like product in hair. 
Let hair dry completely, do not try to comb out. Place hair in a
Ziploc bag and than a padded envelope and mail to me.

If you are sending multiple colors of hair from more than one horse,
please separate  and place each color in an individual Ziploc bag 
(gallon size so as not to crimp hair),  mark the horses name on each bag.
Please send specific instructions as to the combinations of hair you want me to use.
For example, you might say make one necklace from "Walter's" and "Liberty's" hair.

Please send to:

Jenelle Burnett
The Fairy Tail Horse
5479 Homeland Road
Lake Worth, FL  33449


Include Instructions as follows:
-Your name, email, phone number, and Return Address
-Horse's name should be written on bag with a Sharpie
-Instructions of what you would like
-If there is something you don't see on my site, please include a description
of what you would like, maybe even a photo or drawing.
-Please call me anytime with any questions!


How sweet it is when the strong
are also so gentle.


Until one has loved an animal,
part of their SOUL remains
un- awakened. 

May the HORSE be with YOU! 

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